Comprehensive Healthcare Delivery

Continual collaboration between CorrectHealth and your correctional facility administrators and staff assures the successful integration of the healthcare system within the secured facility’s design.

In addition to hiring the top professional healthcare providers locally to practice onsite, CorrectHealth also incorporates local healthcare professionals in all areas of medical specialties into the overall healthcare services available at your facility.

The delivery of specific healthcare services by CorrectHealth on behalf of its clients includes:

    • Primary and Specialty Care Including, but not limited to:
      • Infectious Disease
      • OB/GYN
      • Orthopedics
      • Radiology
      • Dialysis
    • Behavioral Health Services
    • Dental Services
    • Optometry Services
    • Substance Abuse Treatment
    • Pharmacy Services
    • Medical Records Management, Including Electronic Medical Records
    • Healthcare Staffing
    • Utilization Review and Support
    • Healthcare and Medical Software Solutions
    • Telehealth Services
    • Women’s Health

Local Healthcare Professionals

Those local healthcare professionals hired by CorrectHealth to work on site and on your behalf include:

  • Physicians (in all medical specialties)
  • Physician Assistants
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Nursing
  • Administrative Staff
  • Allied/Ancillary Medical Support
  • EMS Professionals (Paramedics and EMTs)

We also don’t cut corners in the quality or quantity of healthcare professionals necessary to adequately staff and operate your facility. Unlike some of our competitors, at CorrectHealth, we never place healthcare professionals in circumstances outside of their area of expertise. Nurses don’t attempt to provide services as doctors, and vice versa.

Recall our approach to health care when we were founded – since our company was established by practicing physicians, we understand the clinical ramifications of every business decision we recommend on your behalf.


At CorrectHealth, we meet or exceed the National Commission on Correctional Healthcare (NCCHC) standards for medical care.

We also boast nationally accredited facilities, one of which has even obtained a perfect score during NCCHC accreditation. Certain facilities within the state of Georgia also have been accredited by the Medical Association of Georgia.

As an accredited healthcare provider, we serve more than 20 correctional facilities of local governments across the state of Georgia, the Southeast, and hopefully beyond.<>/p>

Cost Containment

We help to contain the costs of providing healthcare services within your correctional facility by increasing the overall efficiency of your collective healthcare system.

First, we operate your healthcare facility with professionals hired and trained locally. They work onsite and provide all necessary services and administration for inmate health care. This minimizes inmate movement, lowering costs and lessening liability.

In addition, CorrectHealth utilizes lower cost healthcare providers whenever appropriate.

Finally, we carefully choose and implement a cost-effective formulary, or pre-approved list of lower priced medicines and prescriptions.


If warranted, CorrectHealth is experienced and prepared to assist you in consultation regarding:

  • Architectural plans of your healthcare facility
  • Design of triage
  • Training of correctional facility staff
  • Staffing the healthcare facility
  • Providing risk management and difficult case management assistance
  • Handling claims payment
  • Operating a pharmacy
  • Offering electronic medical records for efficient accountability

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